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About Me

The Beginning:
I began designing at an early age, (I actually remember the days of manual paste-up.) Not long after, ‘Illustrator 88’ forever changed the way graphic artists moved ideas from their minds to the masses. It was in these early days of computer-aided design I began to understand the boundary between what I could imagine, and what I could produce, had been erased. Each year brought new software to learn and new ways to produce art.

The Middle:
Fast forward to the 90s and beginnings of the World Wide Web. This changed everything—not only did you have to be a good designer, but you also had to become a proficient coder. Those early days of creating an entire website in 'notepad' and praying that you didn't forget to close a line or spell a link correctly are still fresh in my mind. Over time, I realized that my love of design, and mathematical principles, was going to further my career in ways I could never have imagined. Spacial relationships between art and type were never more important.

The Future:
And now we come to the present where our profession has merged with Computer Science and become more important than ever before. Our instant-information visual world relies on designers to, not only be proficient, but experts in the psychology of those for whom they are designing. In the end, it comes down to the simplest fact; a good design is one which makes the viewer think and not have to think at the same time.


  • - I love being outside and sports—I currently play competitive softball and go to the archery range as much as possible.
  • - Spending hours in front of a computer staring at code is like a zen garden to me.
  • - Love to cook and hang with friends eating said cooking.
  • - I am a fine woodworker and design and make furniture.
  • - Most importantly I love to design/create/learn.



Graphic and Web Design
12/2015 - present
San Diego, CA

Design and consulting with local businesses to help increase their creative footprint utilizing print and web branding.

MEE Productions

VP Multimedia/Design
7/2006 - 1/2015
Philadelphia, PA

All Project Management phases of running a design department for a marketing firm. Work directly with clients and development staff/interns to design all marketing collateral, new media-including web apps, web development and technical and educational manual creation. Clients included; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, City of Philadelphia, GE, United Negro College Fund, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, Boys and Girl's Club of Greater Washington, NBC Universal.

Oak Street USA

Marketing/Design Director
12/2003 - 7/2006
Colmar, PA

Company branding, web development, design and production of brochures and catalogs, and creation of furniture and interior design proposals for company's commercial furniture accounts. Also created furniture designs and CAD layouts for use by C&C machines. Duties also included sales and creating floor displays.


Art Institute of Philadelphia

Multimedia & Web Development

Graduated 2005

  • 4.0 GPA
  • Presidential Scholar
  • 15 Best-of-Quarter Awards
  • Best Portfolio
  • Best Outgoing Student
  • Alumni Career Showcase Award 2007